Mosquito Control

Take the Sting out of the Mosquitoes

Our system for controlling and managing mosquitoes starts with identifying the problem species affecting you out of the over 200 species of mosquitoes that exist, followed by searching the area for the types of places mosquitoes love to breed and finally coming up with a comprehensive plan based on your specific situation.

In North Alabama, you can never promise anything is completely "mosquito free". We can certainly get your situation under control. Call The Bug Doctor for mosquito control services.
  • Species identification
  • Thorough mosquito inspections
  • Individualized mosquito abatement programs
Mosquitoe Control

Targeting the Hot Spots

  • Doors, windows, garage doors and thresholds
  • Flower pots
  • Improperly draining gutters
  • Evaporative cooling units
  • Dense foliage
  • Ponds, fountains or bird baths
  • Landscape features
  • Tree holes
  • Low lying irrigation heads
Take back your outdoor living space! Call us for your mosquito inspection and control needs. We provide FREE quotes.
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Why let yourself get eaten up by clouds of mosquitoes? Contact The Bug Doctor to get the experts on your side and reclaim your summer!
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